Babe Walls ft Alexandrea Pangburn

Jun 16, 2021

Originally from Lexington, Kentucky; Alexandrea (Alex) Pangburn moved to Golden, Colorado in September of 2017.

Alex graduated with an Animal Science degree from the University of Kentucky in 2010, but her commission art business didn’t really kick off until she was working at a veterinary clinic in Powell, Ohio. Her commission pet portraits grew and she was booking out almost an entire year in advance before she decided to close her books and focus on taking her art in a direction she wanted to go. Alex decided her business needed a name and decided to name it after the two animals that were her biggest inspiration; her dog Benson, and her horse Dude – hence B&D Pet Portraits.

When Alex moved to Golden, Colorado in 2017, she started to work with the RiNo Art District. It was here she was able to tap into large scale pieces and murals. Her first spray paint mural was during CRUSH Walls 2018 and has since painted over a dozen murals here in Colorado and one in Kentucky. Her passion for flora + fauna reigns in her work and she hopes to continue to bring light to species that people may or may not be able to see at such a large scale.

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