Battle Women Stand Up ft Rachel Mahloch

Aug 27, 2021

With careers spanning opera, finance and extensive training in several martial arts disciplines, Rachel Mahloch, has a diverse background that has allowed her to create a comprehensive self-defense training style that is uniquely her own.

Rachel presents self-defense training as a healing and preventive practice that compliments other self-care routines. Her method incorporates the integrated practice of both internal and external skill development to help women grow both their mental and physical strength. Internal skills develop breath control and self-awareness. External skills involve physical fitness and technical skill development. By simulating uncomfortable scenarios and learning how to react appropriately if, or when needed without conscious thought, and using visualization meditation to see a successful escape to safety provides positive reinforcement and builds confidence. Empowerment through self-defense/awareness training allows women learn skills and release internal rage, fear, or uncertainty by using their voice and natural physical strengths.

Rachel’s program gives woman support in the right environment to practice to learn how to manage or avoid all types of uncomfortable confrontations or physical attacks. She believes that she can have a positive impact on the safety of women and girls by ensuring her method is accessible to as many people as possible.

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