Little did I know that my career that began in the advertising industry, working for Chapman Warwick and Salvati Montgomery Sakoda, would become a life of success, failure, and a whole lot of entrepreneurship. In 2000, I launched Camp Bow Wow, a company that is now North America’s largest and fastest growing pet care franchise. When Camp Bow Wow was acquired in August 2014, I went on, as the founder and President, to grow Fight Back Foundation, a Colorado-based organization that funds and mentors social entrepreneurs with big ideas to help kids in Colorado.

Today, and with a few more twists and turns, I hold a state-wide elected position as a Regent for the University of Colorado and am dedicated to growing SheFactor, a lifestyle brand and “a bold new movement” (consisting of a book, an app, a podcast, a blog and live chapters in cities across America) (Forbes) to help guide women towards the life they’re dreaming of.

Founder, Camp Bow Wow

Heidi Ganahl is the founder of Camp Bow Wow, the largest pet care franchise in North America. Facing personal and professional tragedies and extraordinary adversity, she opened the first camp in Denver in 2000. Three years later she started franchising the concept. Today, Camp Bow Wow is one of the largest woman-led franchises, one of the fastest growing brands in the pet industry, the largest pet care company in the world.

Founder and CEO, SheFactor

This isn’t about us. Quite simply, we NEED women to succeed and we WANT women to succeed because we know the force of power that women are in our world. We’ve created a movement at SHEFACTOR™ that’s supported by a unique system of inspiring content, mentorship, a book, an app (find your Silhouette!) and so much more to help guide you towards that life you’re dreaming of. This is about you.

Founder, Fightback Foundation

The Fight Back Foundation is a 501c(3) incubator built to support social entrepreneurs that want to tackle the most pressing issues confronting kids in Colorado today.

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