Denver Gazette: Colorado drops out of the jobs race

Jul 5, 2021

This week Douglas County was named one of the healthiest counties in America. Headlines across Colorado and the nation touted the ranking by US News and World Report.


I love seeing stories like this. I’m proud of our state and the people who live here. We’re independent. We’re entrepreneurial. We embrace the outdoors. We’re home to Olympians, celebrate the Leadville 100 and heartily cheer for our favorite teams — ahem, Go Buffs. Heck, we climb 14ers for fun. Now, the world knows that we’re healthy, too.


It’s the kind of headline that makes me happy I am raising my children here, that’s the kind of national news we want to make!


There’s another headline this week that has me worried though: “We’re resilient but how much more can we take?”

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