Denver Gazette: ‘Give us back control of our lives’

Jun 21, 2021

“Government should do for people only what they cannot do better by themselves, and no more. “


Two different presidents, Abraham Lincoln, and 160 years later in 2012, Barack Obama quoting him, recognized what most of us view as true.


Our government should provide dignity to the individual and freedom to make choices. It’s what we in the West know. It’s what we believe. And, it’s part of the pioneering, maverick spirit that makes Colorado the very best place to call home.


It’s a simple concept and one our elected officials today are quickly forgetting. It’s not okay, and it’s up to us to remind them. Over and over again.


Last week, the state legislature called an end to the 2021 session. From declaring a “meat out” and telling us what to eat, to raising fees and dictating how we build buildings to make them less affordable; to telling us we can’t use plastic forks with our food-to-go and directing what bags we carry at the grocery store, state lawmakers and Gov. Jared Polis issued too many regulations to count, and common sense was left at the curb.

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