Denver Gazette: Our current policy makers crave control

May 24, 2021

“First, Colorado got steamrolled by the COVID-19 pandemic, then the COVID-19 recession. But now, as we all try to get back on our feet, we’re about to get steamrolled again — this time politically, by arrogant politicians who control all the levers of power right now at the state Capitol.

On issue after issue, the Democrats who control the House, Senate and the governor’s office are flattening anything — and anyone — who gets in their way. There are too many examples for just one column, but here are a few to ponder.

Transportation: In Colorado, tax increases and even fees above a certain level require voter approval. But politicians at the state Capitol are charging ahead anyway with a bill, SB 21-260, to effectively increase Colorado’s gasoline tax by 8 cents a gallon — or 36% — over the next six years.”

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