Doctors will leave, hospitals close and patients suffer

Apr 17, 2021

“Five years ago, Colorado voters soundly defeated a government-run health-care plan, Amendment 69, voting NO by a margin of four to one. Reps. Dylan Roberts of Avon, Iman Jodeh of Aurora, and Sen. Kerry Donovan of Vail have decided they know better than the voters, so they’ve introduced House Bill 21-1232, the ‘public option’ bill.

It could impact some of the biggest moments in your life. Having a baby, dealing with a cancer diagnosis, taking your little one for a check-up. This bill cuts payments to your pediatrician, your oncologist, your family care doc, which means they have to cut services or pass the cost on to you.

This is the second time in 18 months that progressive Democrats have tried to pass some type of radical health-care overhaul here, calling it the ‘public option’ when there isn’t really an option at all for Colorado families.”

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