Denver Gazette: Empower students — lower the cost of college

Jul 26, 2021

These days, it’s hard to have a genuine, comprehensive conversation about how best to solve problems plaguing our state and country. Then, things often get “wonky” when you actually try to explain your ideas.


Higher education presents a unique opportunity to agree on a problem, discuss straightforward solutions and better lives. In Monday’s column, we explored the cataclysmic crises of higher education costs and student loan debt, how we got here and why the status quo harms so many.


We proposed federal reforms to the student loan system to help both existing and future student loan borrowers, such as enabling employers to help their teams pay back loans tax-free, restoring bankruptcy protection for student loans and forcing colleges to risk-share with student loan borrowers.


From the General Assembly to colleges and universities themselves, there’s much more that can and must be done here in Colorado as well.

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