Heidi’s Latest Columns

Denver Gazette: Keep those mountaintops top of mind

“A lot of new folks are moving to our beautiful state, for good reason. The gorgeous landscape, the aerospace, tech and outdoor industries, the skiing, the biking, hiking, the can-do attitude of the people here. But as I talk to more and more of our new residents, I find myself yearning to tell them about our heart. About what’s beneath the beauty they see with their eyes.”

Unlike government, Moms keep their promises

“This coming Sunday, kids across the country will make handmade cards, cook up a breakfast in bed, and try to tiptoe around the house to let our precious mommas get a bit more sleep. It’s the day of the year we celebrate the hard-working, loving, ever-giving matriarch of the family, Mother’s Day!”

Lauding true leadership in our schools

“The closure of schools has been a moral travesty. However, not all schools and school leaders have kowtowed to school employee union pressure and failed to properly serve our kids for most of the last year. In Colorado, there are some standout leaders who deserve recognition for doing what’s right, for doing what our kids need by offering safe, in-person learning.”